K-9 Attitude Adjustment has been providing behavioral modification solutions, tailored to individual dogs’ needs since 1974.  We specialize in dogs that are reactive, fearful, problematic, vicious, aggressive or otherwise uncontrollable.


Does your dog have training or social issues, including: chewing, jumping on people, digging, excessive barking, lunging, biting. Separation anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, shyness/fearfulness, hyperactivity or other distressed behaviors?


We also work on:

* dogs that have had harsh training in the past;

* dogs needing retraining on poorly taught/non solid foundation exercises;

* dogs treated with inadequate behavioral solutions;

* dogs with just partially solved behavioral problems;

* dogs whose actual problems were derived from owners and/or trainers neglecting the proper treatment.


In order to obtain true behavior modification and reintegrate the rehabilitated dogs to their social environment, we have designed our very own underlying treatment basis where we apply specialized positive training (not regular obedience as we know it), leadership techniques and behavior modification protocols by offering our dogs multiple desirable choices of response instead of manifesting unwanted conducts.

Our cases are attended to personally on a one to one in-home treatment basis and our solutions are tailored to the customers’ and their dogs’ needs.

For some time now we’ve been also managing a group of special dogs, all handled by their owners, after successfully applying individual treatment designed to keep them actively working and developing better social skills.


Everybody deserves a chance, that’s why we offer reduced rates to retired and/or elderly people; veterans; families or individuals that have adopted a stray dog or rescued it from the pound or shelter and families with special children.

We have also worked with various rescue groups to help provide better opportunities to those dogs that are more difficult to place.



Specializing in Dogs with Behavioral Issues
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